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Reduce waste. Save money.

Dealing with in-bound packaging is a hassle and produces a lot of waste. Smetco makes disposal of H-pack components easy.  So you can save space, time and money and reduce your environmental footprint.

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Make space. icon

Make space.

Get rid of in-bound packaging to keep your facility organized and your operations flowing.
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Save money.

Lower your waste disposal costs as we pick up your end boards and other H-wall packaging materials.
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Reduce your footprint. icon

Reduce your footprint.

Improving your environmental impact has never been easier. Begin by purchasing recycled packaging components today.
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How it works

Get recycling today.

The Smetco recovery and reuse program is a seamless process to collect your in-bound packaging waste, sort it and reuse it. Here’s how it works:

Here’s how it works:

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Let us know how often you need pickup and we’ll schedule it.
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We’ll make arrangements to collect your materials.
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Get rid of your in-bound packaging! Save space, time and money on waste disposal fees… and reduce your environmental footprint in the process!
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Proudly serving Canadian and American customers from the midwest to the east coast.

Reduce waste. Save money.

Recycling H-pack components for a greener environment.

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